Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost there!

India preparations (including believing in myself)!
2 weeks!  2 weeks from TODAY (Friday the 13th, yikes!) I leave for India!  I'm still feeling equal parts excited and nervous.  I've put so much into getting ready for this thing, in fact 90% of my India checklist is all checked off but I'm still feeling anxious!  I just need to get there, land on that soil, breathe in that nice air (the things I've been telling myself:), and then I know I'll be able to rise to the occasion, but in the meantime, I am just a little worry wart!  However, I figure that if I'm prepared than I don't have to fear (same reason I carry around a Mary Poppins purse 24/7)... here's my list this far...

Immunizations & all things health related taken care of?  Check!
Visa & Passport?  Check!
Monies paid & Travel plans arranged?  Check!
Travel insurance so I'll at least come back to America dead or alive?  Check!
Malaria pills?  Check!
Audio books on iPod?  Check!
Ride to the airport?  Check!
Backpack half packed?  Check!
New camera?  Check!
Stopped complaining about 90 degree weather?  Check!
Increased rice intake?  Check!
Eating things off the floor even if they've surpassed the 10 second rule?  Check! (but it's still hard for me to do...)
Nightmares about forgetting my unders in a 3rd world country?  Check!

See?  I've been preparing since March so tell me to stop worrying!  Actually, writing this all down has helped, I feel a little better already :)

And a big THANK YOU again to everyone that donated to my cause, my heart is so full and happy and thankful for your support!  I cannot wait to show you the faces of the people that you've helped!