Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dearest Family & Friends,
Welcome to my India Blog!  That's right, my India Blog.  Makes me smile just saying it :) So ya, you guessed it, I am going to be volunteering in India for 3 weeks this summer!  Can I get a what what?  Okay fine, don't worry about the holler, but I for one am super excited!  So, will you do me a favor?  Grab some tissues and watch either this video OR  this video ?  Or both?!
Then, if you feel so inspired to join me in my fundraising efforts (my goal is $500 by June 1st!) you can contribute online: , click on the "donate" link, and write my name in the box.  Or you can use
 Any amount helps (and goes directly to the kids)!  Also, feel free to follow this blog starting now, I guarantee this blog will increase in quality as I will be sharing the many crazy adventures and sweet sweet miracles I will be witnessing in the lives of the leprosy families this summer!
Much love and appreciation to you all!

And seriously, how could you not just LOVE these faces?!