Saturday, July 21, 2012

A vacation within a vacation!

Went to a town called Pondicherry for the day today.  Well yesterday (Saturday) but didn't have the internet yesterday so I couldn't actually post this.  Pondicherry was so much fun!  Again I think the pictures will do the talking but it was just so great so see other parts of India.  The real stuff that you might see in movies ya know?  For example, we went to the Bazaar, a part of town with different sections of stands that sell one type of things.  It's how they roll.  Pretty amazing.  And really beautiful.  The colors are so bright, the people are so beautiful and the smells?  Well, gag worthy for sure so I just held my breath the best I could.  It was so worth it to see things such as this

Mom and daughter
(I think it is quite possibly the best picture I have ever taken, thank you very much)

These people work hard.  Well, some beg, but for the most part, I get a general sense that they really are hard workers.  And so kind.  The people are so kind.  Even when we didn't want to buy their stuff or were bartering with them :)

Fruit lady and my lovely roommates.
Cafe Rio should get there limes from here, they are so cheap!  Oh wait... Mexico, right right right...  No one here knows where Mexico is, or what Mexican food is, funny huh?

Spice guy cause what's India without spices?!
Cow pie guy?  Kididng, 10 bucks to the person that can tell me what those really are.  I've asked all around and haven't gotten an answer, it's really buggin me!
Egg guy.  Did you know farm fresh eggs don't have to be refrigerated?  Cause I sure didn't until I came here!

I often find myself daydreaming about food.  For a split second, I thought I might have found licorice paradise.  Turns out it's just pasta.  But how much do you love my camera?  The colors are so vibrant and the picture so clear.

Speaking of food again, Pondicherry used to be owned by the French, so they have all sorts of Italian stuff still around.  We ate pizza and bruschetta @ Don Giovanni's, it was so wonderful to have something besides curry!


  1. Love the pictures, they really give you an idea of what you are seeing without the smells, ha.. what beautiful and vibrant colors they have everywhere from their clothes, to their buildings, even in their food. Thanks for taking the time to write a blog, can't wait to read it every morning...thinking of you daily...

  2. I giggled through this post. Best picture you have ever are welcome. Cow pies for sure yuck! And I knew that about eggs. I dated Russ long enough to learn tons about eggs. Love ya!

  3. Aim, do you know where eggs come from? They aren't hatched in a fridge. Oh man, that comment makes me want to take you on a road trip so I can hear some more aim logic. You are quite the photographer. Glad the pizza wasn't curry!