Monday, July 23, 2012

Lucky you, you get 2 posts of my random thoughts today :)

So this morning while bucket showering a foot away from a frog I was thinking how great it is that I haven't been freaked out by germs or things of that sort this trip.  Ps:  frogs and lizards in your shower stall, not uncommon.  Awesome, right?

Tonight while going in to bucket shower I was super surprised by a friendly, little, snake.  Okay, it was the size of a garden snake but he was mean!  He had his head up all cobra like and he looked ticked!  Trust me, I saw it in his eyes :) 
Lucky for me I have wonderful friends that screamed with me (and I've been making fun of the 19 year olds for screaming over everything, hahahah) and then wrangled the snake into a bucket like a champ.  

I HATE SNAKES!  More than any other thing on this planet!  It was heebie jeebie creepie!  Plus, I'm sure it will just amplify the terrifying snake dreams that I've already been having!  Lovely.  Just lovely.  Well, good night to you all.  Oh and keep the comments coming!  I love hearing from you all!  Makes me feel like a million bucks to know you're tuned into my life!  Love you all!  And don't worry, I'll be home in... 12 days I think...  Dang.  This is going all too fast!

Ps to Mindy, I got "circles from Kam" today, so stinkin adorable!  I just love the surprise of it every morning :)


  1. Eep! So next time we go fishing to that snake hole you will walk down the rock to snake city and pick them up?

  2. Heck no! Snakes & Swimming, 2 fears I will never overcome!

  3. DISGUSTING. Snakes are the devil's pet. I just made that up but it adequately describes them, I think.

  4. Awwww circles! I'm glad you appreciated them. I hate snakes too and seeing the eyes! Yikes!