Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another great day!

80% of the students at Rising Star have parents or grandparents with leprosy.  The other 20% come from nearby villages and go home each night rather than stay in the hostel on campus.
At dinner we do this thing called high's/lo's.  I'd have to say for today mine are...

High- Reading/English with the kids.
Low- Reading/English with the kids.

I feel like the education rotation should be my strength being a teacher and all but the past 2 days have been a bit rough!  I realize that I'm not succeeding like I'd like to because not only do they give me the hard kids, I only have 30 minutes to figure them out before it's off to the next kid!
Behavior is my thing!  I just want them all to be tip top well behaved little things and realizing that I can't change their behavior in such a short amount of time is super frustrating to me!  For example, today I was reading with a kid known for behaviors.  Cussing volunteers out in Tamil, hitting, non-compliance, all things that my Special Ed heart just loves, right?  So I was super excited, went all teacher face on him.  And, nothing-- not a word out of him.  Not even a movement or an eye blink.  Just a straight expression staring straight ahead.  So I pulled out all my tricks, still nothin.  Very. Frustrating.  Long story short he started to give me a little bit of compliance, even laughed at 2 of my jokes :)  Total victory!  And the coordinator told me that it was a miracle I got him to do all that, that it was the best she's seen him do in over a month.  Take that!  Hah!  Made me feel so good!  Now all the frustration was worth it, and the low of the day has become my high, yay!  I love school!  Makes me slightly excited to get back to work soon.
The students little reading voices with an accent are just the cutest things ever.  I will imitate them for you when I get home :)


  1. way to go amo...love the snake and frog story in the prior post too, I can't even imagine that happening in the shower no less...hugs from home we miss your smiling face here, but are thankful you can have such great experiences there that you will remember for a lifetime..

  2. thanks for the posts..love reading them every morning when I get up...it's a little strange to have you be a day ahead of us...when I get up you have already posted about the day...weird! Take care...

  3. I can't wait to hear your rienactment! PS my friend Melanie means was saying that her friend Kelsey is in India and I was like hey my sister is there too...with her!

  4. Nice work Miss Amy. You still got it.

  5. Yes! In so happy you have the sped kids! Yeeeees! U are pro!