Monday, July 23, 2012

Horrible Henna

I woke up this morning and had this drunken oh crap what did I do feeling.  My mom was right, I should have listened to her instead of talking over her to remind her how old I am.  Whoops.  Live and learn, right?
Anyways, last night the house mom put some henna on my arm.  She started out saying she would put my name by my elbow crease, (which I thought would be cool and in Tamil like everyone else's, but no-- I got regular ol A-m-y) but she had a hey day and said, "now I do design" I said, "here" (pointed to about 3 inches of space) and she nodded bobbled in agreement but every time I said, "oh, super, thank you, that's good, we can stop, all done, or anything along those lines she would grab my face and say, "now I do _________" you can now fill in that blank with, oh let's see-- I now have a jellyfish, a lotus, scribbles, a leaf with vines that mean stuff and then more vines/scribbles.  She went down my arm, up my fingers, down the other side of my fingers and up my arm again.  What the?!  I did not want that!  AT ALL!  It was so awful!  There were about 7 boys on my lap leaning over to see what was going on and interpreting for me and the house mom just kept grabbing my face and telling me that we were not done, next "we do _______!"  Oh my.......  2 or 3 times she even hit me on the side of the head when she thought I was kidding that I didn't want any more.  Seriously?  It was so crazy!  And hilarious but I just kept thinking about the damage!  There was even one point in time where she put it on my face and told me that it had something to do with Jesus and having beautiful babies soon.  Hah!  Then she changed her mind and said I was a baby, so I told her I was nearly 26 and she said, "okay, I give you more" and put more on my face.  It was ridiculous.  I wiped it off and she got so mad like I cursed myself or something.  Whatever.  Anyways, hilarious experience, I was just so overwhelmed.  I really think a 3 year old could have done better henna.  Oh well, the damage is done.  It's a good story, right?  Oh!  And the best part!  I'm finally getting the h out of there and she grabs my other arm, turns it over and slaps it, says, "tomorrow, we do your whole family!"  A Nod.  An awkward smile and just a keep on walkin :)

The most ridiculous henna job you've ever seen

See?  I'm NOT exaggerating!

So now I'm off to speed up the process of getting it off......  
Sorry this post as well as all the others are not edited for grammar, punctuation or anything of the sort.  I'm too tired to care about that (these days just wear me out, but in a good way) so I just type like I talk which I realize is kinda crazy and all over the place.


  1. Oh man I just laughed so hard! Did it give you flashbacks to the stamp pad to the face situation? Can I henna my art all over you when you return? You've been my blank canvas before.

  2. Hahahaha! Yes!! You are my number 1 favorite artist! I'm so not going to get anymore till I see you! Book me an appointment right now! :)

  3. Laughing real hard right now. Is that stuff hard to get off?!

  4. It looks like spiderman. The part where his veins go black. Hahaha. I love you A M Y.