Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blogger keeps messin me up so I'm not going to be able to finish my post for today.  Sorry people.  I'll try again tomorrow and hopefully it will post with the pics because that's the best part!  Anyways, another amazing day!  To sum up the highlight of my day, visited a local temple, one that worships Ganesha (an elephant god) and came out looking like this!  

We had no clue what was going on, but something where a lady putting white chalk on our foreheads like Simba, then a red dot, then she lit a candle and we put our hands over it and brought the smoke to our foreheads, hahahaha such a great experience!  From what I've been able to gather from broken english, Ganesha brings success and good luck....  soooo great!  I could use both!  Hah!  
Good night!  I'll blog in detail tomorrow so stay tuned.
Oh and before I forget, it was my favorite kids birthday today.  His family didn't come visit, he was so sad :(  But he gets to eat chocolate on Tuesday :)  and I snuck him my chicken at dinner :)  Got in trouble with the house mom but it was worth it cause he was so happy and so lovin the chicken :)  Happy again :)  I guess I'm on a smiley face kick since I can't post more pics for proof.  Okay, well, I'm signing off!  For reals this time!  And don't worry about me if you don't hear from me for a while, the internet and the power have been VERY finicky as of late!


  1. You got a dot on your forehead, always wanted to know the significance of the red dot. Keep posting we love hearing from you take care...

  2. That breaks my heart that his family didn't come visit :( I eat chocolate any day I want...what kind of snob am I? How sad. I want to give him all my chocolate and hugs! Glad you gave him your chicken :)

  3. I am rolling on the floor about Simba! No family, sad): good thing he has a friend like you.

  4. I'm jealous you got simbafied. I decided that I'm just going to make myself an unofficial member of your family and comment on all your posts. Because I can. And you're awesome.