Monday, July 30, 2012

Best of...

Looking through my pics last night I realized there is so much that I forgot to blog about.  You have no idea, SO MUCH happens in a day it truly is impossible to include it all (or remember it by the end of the day)!  So here are some of my favorite moments from last week...  Enjoy!

This is what the water we shower with looks like.

We walked to a nearby village.  The people were running out of their houses to ask for "a photo" with us.  Men, women, children, it was hilarious.  We felt like celebrities.

This is how they do.  Makes me miss my bike.

Cool kids on campus.  I just love busting out my camera to see what kind of poses they'll strike.  So funny.

Bug catcher (he's a favorite).

2 of my other favorite little monkeys.

The coconut trees are owned by someone else (money maker for the school, smart right?), so the kids throw rocks at them because any that land on the ground are suddenly Rising Star property and free game.

Pretty Priya.  My reading buddy.  Favorite quote, "cooties means??"

Naveen!  Another favorite and long lost twin to my nephew Gavin.

Seriously, how magical is this place?  It's so beautiful here (minus the humidity).

Rosie, (bunny ears) and G. Davy, my newest favorites, talented and beautiful girls.  Video to come!

Standing out like a sore thumb.  You'd think I'd have a tan by now, but no

Stylish man that lives in Barathapuram.  I loved his attitude. 

"Vannakum" is the greeting they use here, I cried a little when I found out that roughly translated it means, "I see the goodness within you."  They use it so genuinely, look you in the eye and put their hands together when they say it.
Why can't we come up with something like that?  What's up, hello & hey do not have the same effect, ya know?

Humble.  Loving.  Kind.

Humility.  Meekness.  Long suffering.

Patient of the week.  She was hilarious.  Plopped right down, soaked her feet and then called me over to cut her nails.  No guile.

School next to the special ed school.  Don't you want to make a music video here? 
We get to be tourists on the weekends.

These are the ruins in Mamallapuram.  Pretty cool.
We went to a beach resort, it was the most I've been able to cool down since getting off the plane.

Classic India.  These statues are everywhere.

Indian Ocean!  (Crabs and crows everywhere!)

Sari's for Sunday.  More effort than getting ready for the prom.
Wish everyone could experience being wrapped in one at least once in their life!

Newest local temple built to worship their "town god".  Interesting experience to say the least!  We ended up donating (by force) quite a few rupees to them... Hah

Construction guys assembly line.  Video to come.  Super interesting to watch them work.


  1. I like this post. It fills in some blanks. I see the goodness within you! Loves.

  2. Vannacum Amy! My favorite is the picture of you with the kids hanging all over happy you could have this experience. Hugs from home.

  3. I can't believe you shower with that water! The germ freak in me just about had a heart attack. Why is it that every time I read your blog I tear up?!