Thursday, July 19, 2012

Simple Joys

Today was such a happy day.  I'm happy here.  Life is simple (with a splash of wi-fi, haha).
Today we went out into one of the colonies to do a construction project.  It was humbling and the most humanitarian picture book thing I've ever seen.  More than once I really felt like we could have been on the cover of the New Era, hahahaha.  I'm so vain, I probably think this blog is about me, about meeeeee.... anyways..........  where was I?  Oh, today.  Amazing.  Started out moving sand from point a (a pile by the road) to point b (a pile in front of a temple on a quaint street if you can even call it a street).  Fun.  Tiring.  The members of the colony were so thankful.  And so kind.  They have nothing but would give you everything.  

After 2 hours of hauling sand, we moved to hauling dirt to fill in an eco friendly toilet that was just not workin for the locals because it was too advanced for their times I guess.  Anyways, before they can convert it to a normal toilet we had to fill the hole with dirt.  Hefty work.  But so worth it.  While we were working a woman with leprosy came up to us signaled to the coconuts on her porch, pointed to us, signaled to drink, and gave one of the boys the blade to start cutting them.  It was heart warming because again, has so little but gives so much.
Once we were done fillin the hole, we went down the street to another house and threw bricks.  1,000 of them.  Assembly line style.  It was fun for about the first 900 then my back and hands started killing.  Thanks for the work gloves Dad, I thought of you all day!  They could really use your skills out here, so much chaos!
And by the way, I think my high for today was being woken up at 2 am to get my luggage that finally arrived!  Yay!
Oh and also, we have "families", a room of kids in the hostel, that we are in charge of calming down and getting to bed every night.  I'm in Emmy's house with about 20 rambunctious little guys that are just the cutest things ever.  Now that I know most of their names and faces, I just LOVE going to see them. They are hilarious and adorable all rolled up in one cuddly little face.  Tonight one of the boys, Aravin (another favorite of mine), runs up and tells me it's his birthday tomorrow, so I ask, "what do you get to do on your birthday?" and he said, "be happy!"  Heart. melt.  Their lives are SO simple and they are SO happy.  It's amazing.  Also, his parents get to come to school to visit on his birthday and he was super excited it was so sweet.  
So ya, GREAT day, sufficient amount of sleep and good health played a big part in that.  I'm excited to see what's to come!  Medical day tomorrow, wish me luck again because we didn't get to go last time because the poor toothbrush girl was at the hospital with half the medical team and the van so...  Eep!  Tomorrow I be brave!  Reality is I'll probably cry.  Hah!  Good night!


  1. Good luck on medical day. I hope they have 3x3's! You little humanitarian you.

  2. Thankful you are feeling better and got your luggage. You are blessing their lives in so many wonderful ways, bet all the kids love you wishes for medical day..we are all thinking and praying for you and we know you will touch lives.