Tuesday, July 17, 2012

(Kelsey's very accurate phrase that I stole)

Let's skip to the end, I'm here in INDIA!  It's lovely.  Hot and sticky, but so so beautiful.  Everything is beautiful.  The children, the trees, the other people, even the goat that roams campus :)  Dani was right. There is something magical about campus.  I think it boils down to love.  There is so much love that it is just the most magical, contagious feeling.  I was at the school today, everyone there loves everyone there and everyone helps everyone.  (Side note: I'm here to volunteer and someone is doing my laundry and making my food, seems kind of weird...)  Anyways, obviously the jet lag is not nearly as bad as it was yesterday or this post would be a long story of how we got here super not according to plan!  
So I'll just give you the summary of our travhelling experiences.  SLC to Chicago-- switched our 3 hour delayed flight to an earlier one with a different airline so we could make our connection from Chicago to London.  Turns out we got to Chicago only to sit in the "penalty box" on the tarmac for 2 hours giving us 13 minutes exactly to get off the plane (mind you we were in the last row, of course) and to our terminal which was on the complete opposite side of the airport (of course).  So the airplane lady told us it was a 45 minute train ride, (what the?!) or about a mile walk.  Oh, and let me back up-- Dani had called and told us that we HAD to make our connection because the Chicago airport was basically closed.  They were backed up, were cancelled flights, and just had way more planes then they could handle.  Anyways, she said that if we didn't make the connection we would be stuck in Chicago until Monday because there were NO flights out any sooner than that.  So we had made up our minds, we were determined to board that plane!  India couldn't wait any longer!  So we hauled butt with our overweight backpacks on for 13 minutes through the airport!  The place was packed with people camped out for the night and some of them cheered us on, it was hilarious and totally kept us going!  Thankfully we got there as they were making the last call and we boarded the plane as 2 sweaty travhellers.  
Anyways, from there we went to London only to be welcomed by a lady that made us stand in a line and wait (of course again) so she could tell us that we weren't going to make our flight.  WHAT?!  Apparently you have to check in 45 mins early and we only had 45 mins.  Whatever lady.  So 2 hours later we were rebooked with a flight out the next morning at 10 am to Bahrain (Saudi Arabia people, Saudi freakin Arabia!) and hotel and meal vouchers.  Not half bad.  Actually, as they say in London, it was brillant!  So, moving on... the flight to Bahrain was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life.  I've never been so stared at.  90% of the people were wearing religious clothing like head wraps and white gowns or all black robes on the women with only their eyes showing.  Very interesting.  One lady came and sat right next to me as her friend or sister or someone took a picture.  So funny.  But honestly, I thought she was gonna turn into a ninja and karate chop me in the jugular (keep in my mind I had only had about 5 hours of sleep in 2 days, I was thinking a LOT of things, hah).  Anyways, ya we were the minority, I felt like I was in Aladin.  Except I wasn't Jasmine.  I was girl with white skin.  Hah.  So strangest thing ever- when we left London it was morning (we ate breakfast).  When we landed in Bahrain it was morning (we ate breakfast again).  And when we got to India it was morning.  5 am!!  And we ate breakfast AGAIN!  Explain that to me?  My body was soooooo confused.  Friday afternoon to Monday morn was just like 1 long day to me.  Anyways, we got to the hotel in Chennai just in time to check in, shower, eat breakfast, check out and take off with Rising Star.  The drive was crazy!  I took a lot of video.  The cars/motorcycles/bikers were close enough to touch, so I did.  Touched the top of a rickshaw and shook hands with a guy in a bus all from the van window.  Small victory in my world :)
Anyways, all is well.  I even ate with my hands today!  Rice, curry, and boiled eggs.  The little boys taught me how to eat it with my hands and were laughing their heads off watching me struggle.  
So there you have it!  Basically I love it here minus the humidity oh and that I don't have my luggage yet.  It's in Chicago.  Go figure.  Medical day tomorrow!  Wish me luck!


  1. What I commented earlier. It didn't post it. I said something like hey Jasmine you know you're my favorite barbie.

    I like hearing these stories. Keep it up A face! Have a blast and we miss you! Bring back a cute kid for me to mother :)

  2. Thanks for the descriptive account of your adventure, I love hearing your stories, sounds like your side trips added even more adventure to the traveling experiences. Can't wait to hear more, thinking of you daily!